Please Welcome Cathy MacRae to my Website.

Cathy, what genre do you write? Hi, Carolyn! I currently write stories of Scottish historical romance.

How many books have you written? Well, I have 5 full-length books in my Highlander’s Bride series, 4 novellas in The Ghosts of Culloden Moor series, a long novella in a Kindle World, World of de Wolfe Pack, headed by Kathryn le Veque, and just released the second in a co-authored series, called the Hardy Heroines.

Cathy, I see you have a contest on your facebook page. Tell me about it?  This week, my latest (with co-author DD MacRae) The Highlander’s Viking Bride is out on a book blog tour. Stop by my facebook page for the daily links. Check out the older ones, too, for even more chances to win a $20 Amazon gift card. You’ll get to read excerpts from the book, read reviews and find new pages to like!

What were some of the most interesting facts you uncovered while researching your books? Oh, I’m a history buff!! This most recent book offered me a chance to learn Norn (ancient Norse language—a few words, anyway) and a bit about ships in the 1300s. The book I’m currently writing takes me even further back (to 1221, in fact) and is full of an account of living in the Levant between Crusades, ancient Armenia, the Assassin (Asasyiun) Order, and how to fight off pirates. Pretty cool stuff!

Have you taken a trip to Scotland? If so, tell me about it.  I’ve been to Scotland twice. Both times were with tour groups, but the second was actually a writer conference headed by Grace Burrowes. We stayed at a lovely home on the Menzies Castle estate and (when we weren’t discussing books or the writing process) took short day trips to nearby areas of interest. Oh, and shopping. I revisited Culloden Moor where the Battle of Culloden (the source of the Ghosts of Culloden Moor) was fought, and viewed heather-covered hills as we drove up into the mountains for the famous Braemar Highland Games where we met (saw) the Queen!

What takes time away from your writing, and do you consider that a guilty pleasure or a time waster? Lots of things, actually. From family time (cooking, cleaning, actually taking part in the family, lol) to gardening and music (I play piano and violin on the church music team), I sometimes have to make myself sit down and write. But all of it is completely worth it.

What is one interesting thing about you that few people know?  LOL! Let me think on that one. One of my favorite jobs was as a tour guide at George Dickel Distillery. I loved meeting the people who came through, and developed an appreciation for the distilling process. Oh, and I’m partial to their whisky.

What gives you the most pleasure from writing? I really enjoy writing stories, but one of the great things is finding readers. Talking about my books, even in just a few lines in a chat on facebook, is like sharing a bit of my heart.

Tell me about your family. How old are your children? I have 2 children who are 28 and 25, and my husband has 4 who range in age from 22 to 29. We’re closer (distance wise) to a couple, not so much to the others. And we have 2 granddaughters. Love those kids!

I see you write with DD MacRae? Tell me about DD. DD and I started as critique partners probably 8 years ago. We were both just starting out, and had a lot to critique, but learned a lot. We also learned we have strengths and weaknesses that really mesh well when story-telling. DD has a background in martial arts and really gets the action right. I’m stronger in fleshing out characters. We decided to put a book together, Highland Escape, and were astounded at how well received it was. The heroine was trained as a warrior, much as the Pictish women in her ancestry were. Readers were thrilled to see a heroine who didn’t rely on the hero to protect her. So we decided to create the Hardy Heroine series which are stand-alones where the heroines have strengths you may not have seen before.

How do you work with a partner? It’s really easy for DD and me. Thanks to the internet, we’re constantly shooting chapters back and forth. DD plots and knows where the story should go. I’m a pantster who just jumps in and starts writing. It’s great to surprise DD occasionally with the direction I take a story, lol! Though, if DD gives me the exact plot, I’ve found I become disinterested. So, we’ve learned how to make it work.

What is your latest book about? (cover attached) The Highlander’s Viking Bride (we refer to it as Katja’s story) is a tale of a young woman who has been verbally (and occasionally physically) abused all of her life by her father. Though quite wealthy, she accepts marriage to a destitute laird in order to end a feud between their clans and to escape to—hopefully—a better life. Here’s the blurb:

Calder MacGerry, laird of an impoverished clan, has resolved to end the bitter feud between the MacGerrys and Sinclairs. He jumps at Laird Sinclair’s offer of marriage to his only daughter, Katja, to seal the agreement between their clans—only to get more than he bargained for.

Katja’s chance to escape her father’s harsh treatment appears to be too good to be true. But becoming Lady of a clan that despises her because she’s a Sinclair, doesn’t make her life any easier. When the attacks turn deadly, she fights her way out, making a dangerous passage to the Shetland Isles for refuge with her Viking family.

Calder and Katja’s marriage, built on mistrust, rushes quickly into disaster. As Calder seeks to repair the damage, Katja discovers not another enemy, but a husband who pledges a new beginning.

Thanks for the opportunity to be on your blog, Carolyn!!

You can find me on my website at and follow me on Amazon at Please ‘like’ my facebook page at

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting us today, Carolyn!! We’re excited to spend time on your lovely blog. ~Cathy & DD


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