Scolded for Doing a Good Deed

While taking my daily walk, I noticed several stones in the street. The median was decorated with but grass, feather grass, huge rocks, and crape myrtle trees surrounded by rounded river rocks. It looked like some driver had lost control, drove up on the median and scattered them. I’ve always worried that the huge rocks, two to three feet in diameter, now covered up with feather grass might stop a car or truck with disastrous results. These dozen or more river rocks would cause problems for the 700 or more cars per day moving down the street, many at speeds over the legal thirty miles an hour.

Wanting to be a good citizen, I watched for traffic and hurried over to pick them up and put them back around the crape myrtle. Luckily, rush hour was over, and I quickly put the rocks back, not taking time to figure out exactly where each one came from and finished the task before any more cars came.

Thinking to write about this on my website, I went back for my camera. Again, I watched for traffic. When the road was clear, I set one rock in the road where I’d seen the rocks before and snapped a picture.

I looked up the hill to check for traffic again. Down the hill came a cop on a motor cycle with red and blue lights flashing. I stepped up on the median curb waited until he stopped to explain what I was doing. Finally, he said, “Okay, but you need to get out of the street right away. It’s dangerous.”

I said, “Yes, I will,” and looked to see if any cars were coming. Since the road was clear, I clutched my camera, crossed the street and headed home.

Today, when I took my walk, I checked to see if I’d place the rocks well. They looked okay, so I crossed back over the street and resumed my walk. Curious about the spelling of the tree’s name, I looked it up on Google. “The scientific name is lagerstroemia crape myrtle. The traditional Southern spelling is “Crepe Myrtle” (because the delicate flowers resemble crepe paper).”

About carolynrae1

Carolyn Rae (a/k/a Carolyn Rae Williamson) - Her passion is writing romantic suspense and delving into the minds of stalkers, bombers and terrorists that threaten the course of true love. Romancing the Doctor, follows two lovers in a search for a dangerous virus spreader. It was published on May 22, 2018, Watch for the Cordillera Royals Series, soon to come, with Royal Pretender, Royal Wedding Scoop, and Royal Holiday with a Prince. She has also written a Witness Protection Series, which includes Hiding from Love, Protected by Love, and Tempted by Love. She wrote the text of There IS Life After Lettuce (Eakin Press), a cookbook for heart patients and diabetics and has a master's degree in home economics. Whenever she tastes a delicious high calorie dish, she goes home to make a more healthy, but still tasty version. Her profile, travel, and cooking articles have appeared in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, The Dallas Morning News, Positive Parenting, AAA World, Hawaii and Alaska, and Romance Writer's Report.1
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