What do they eat in Catalonia?

While writing my next book, Forgotten Princess, I  have been researching what would be served for dinner in Barcelona, where I have set a scene at the mansion of Prince Arturo and Princess Elizabetta. They are part of the royal Santiago family of Cordillera, my imaginary kingdom on the border of France and Spain, but they prefer to live in the Spanish state of Catalonia. Thanks to Food Editor, Amy Schulman, posting on a travel website, I have found out about several dishes served there.

Since the state borders the Mediterranean, seafood is common as a dinner entrée. Suquet de peix, a Catalan fish stew, was invented by fishers to use parts of the catch that weren’t sold that day. It usually includes hake, monkfish, clams and mussels. The stew is often seasoned with saffron, an expensive spice grown in Central Spain, which gives the stew its recognizable red color. In the dinner scene, my heroine, Isabella, is trying to delicately remove bits of mussel from the shell to eat

Escudella i carn d’olla or Escudella, is a soup cooked with meat, vegetables, and pasta or rice. After it is cooked, the meat, sausage, a large meatball, and vegetables (carrots, celery and cabbage) are removed and then served on the side.

Dried cod, sausage, sliced tomatoes, and onions may be served in a salad, and sometimes hard-boiled eggs are included. This might be served with beans.

Mongetes amb botifarra is the Catalan version of sausage and beans. The Botifarra  sausage is typically made of pork.

Canelons is a large tube pasta stuffed with layers of meat and creamy béchamel sauce. I’ve tried making béchamel sauce. It’s tricky to get it the right consistency.

Reading all this is making me hungry. Luckily, I have leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner, corn pudding, zesty green beans with dill seed, basil, bacon bits, and onion, as well as a creamy carrot casserole, made with onion and mayonnaise to serve with leftover pork roast. Unfortunately, the strawberry pie is all gone.

Strawberry Cheesecake Pie

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