Tips from a Vile Villain

Oleander leaves and branches are poisonous.  You could use a twig to roast a hot dog, and it would be poisonous.

Tanghin seeds from tanghin trees found in Madagascar were soaked in liquid and used to punish accused.  If the accused took a quick gulp and vomited, he was judged innocent.  If he were scared and drank slowly, he would die almost immediately.  However, it was the judge who determined the strength of the potion, so perhaps he was the one who decided the guilt or innocence of the accused.  (Information from Deadly Doses, a writer’s guide to poisons,  by Serita Deborah Stevens with Anne Karner)

Yours devilishly, Dastardly (I don’t sign my last name, it’s too prejudicial – I have my standards – I don’t molest children or even kill them)

I have to tell  you about my latest treasure.   At $469. the S & W 640 Centennial 357 magnum is the coolest pocket gun ever.  It covers the palm and fingers of my outstretched hand and its irregular shape blends into the folds and wrinkles of my clothes so I can carry it with me always.  Best of all, the hammer doesn’t snag on my pocket lining and prevent it from firing.  The noise and recoil from shooting it are considerable, but if I need to fire it to save my life, I’ll live with that.  It takes most any 357 ammo but only has five shots.  If I can’t nail a S.O.B. by then, I’d be a pretty poor shot.

Yours devilishly, Dash


    My name is Carl Carlson. Fortunately, it didn’t make the police records because my good high school buddy when caught trying to rob a liquor store, didn’t squeal on me. With no record I was able to get a job in the U.S. Marshal Agency.  Now that I have a well-paying job, I can persuade my  high school sweetheart to marry me since she divorced my rival, and what better way to get even with him than to put his new girlfriend in jeopardy.  I’m  the villain in the novel, Hiding from Love, the first book in the Witness Protection Series. I’ve heard it’s free on Amazon for a limited time, so there may still be time to read it to see if you want to continue with Book Two, Protected by Love.


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